What Is Escaping Aawful Land?

ESCAPING AAWFUL LAND is an immersive exhibition that builds upon the success of Aaron D. William's previous showcase, Aawful Friends, at Zygote Press. This new showcase aims to further explore the creative journey between Williams and collaborating artists. By delving into anxiety through art, we seek to acknowledge its profound impact on our collective well-being. It is important that we address anxiety as a shared concern and foster a future community that supports and uplifts one another. Through individual and collective artistic expression, we can overcome the gravity of the situation and find healing and unity.

In our fast-paced society, anxiety affects people from all walks of life, taking various forms and manifesting in relentless thoughts, paralyzing fear, and an overwhelming sense of unease. Despite its grip, we encourage you to embrace your inner courage and take the leap.

The installation will be held at The Vault in SPACES gallery, where you will be transported to AAWFUL LAND - a hidden realm within our city accessible only to those who know it exists. Guided by the mysterious GUARDIAN, you will embark on a journey through its enigmatic mysteries. As you step into AAWFUL LAND, you will be captivated by a mesmerizing video presentation. Witness AAWFUL AARON engaged in a gripping game against a formidable opponent, reminding us that even amidst anxiety, we have the inner strength to persevere and pursue our dreams.

In Aawful Land, anxiety takes on tangible forms and bursts forth in vibrant colors. At the heart of our narrative is CREATURE, an overbearing shadowy figure personifying anxiety and serving as the central antagonist. Aawful Aaron finds himself locked in a fierce battle against CREATURE, desperately seeking escape from this hidden world. However, a subtle hint suggests that Aaron may require assistance to triumph over his challenges. Within Aawful Land, a group of trapped artists may hold the key to their collective liberation. Together, they offer a glimmer of hope, representing the power of collaboration in overcoming the perils of Aawful Land.

This work serves as a proof-of-concept or work-in-progress, paving the way for Aawful Friends II. In the forthcoming installation, we will feature this newfound group of artists, showcasing their collective efforts and unveiling the transformative power of collaboration. Through their shared experience, they demonstrate that collective creativity and expression can lead to freedom and transcendence.